Freshers Week Guide

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Freshers’ Week Survival Guide 2019

Starting university this autumn? Our tips and advice will help get you through Freshers’ Week, whether you’re excited, nervous, or both! Don’t forget to also check out these handy student apps to make your new life as a student a little easier. Moving in and meeting new people It’s likely you’ll be pretty busy during your first week, so get there a few days early so you have time... »

Freshers’ Week Guide 2019

Freshers’ Week Guide 2019

You’ve probably heard all the rumours about Freshers Week being one whole week of drinking, debauchery and staying up way past your bedtime…well that is mostly true. Freshers week is a chance to bond with a new friend and to get introduced to the best student nights in Edinburgh, and there are a plethora to get started with. You’ll be frequenting these Edinburgh student clubs a l... »