Are you letting the machines take over your life?

Are you letting the machines take over your life?

Many of you will be seen (or perhaps heard) the famous Einstein quote on technology. As the genius’s prediction has proven to be fairly accurate thus far, it may appear all doom and gloom for the future of socialising in Edinburgh. But is there hope? Hmmm…maybe!

The irony is that you probably saw that very quote it on your Facebook timeline, whilst browsing on your mobile phone, ignoring your friends in the same room, whilst they were sat next to you doing the exact same thing.

Einstein’s “Idiots” comment may seem harsh but then who am I to tell Einstein who is or isn’t an idiot? Whilst I’ve never handed out IQ tests in that scenario, I have certainly observed its lack of social interaction.

I. O Guden, an author of How To Improve Your Social Skills, said:

“I think Social Media in Edinburgh has made us more connected but made the connection more superficial. Facebook allows you to stay updated on the lives of your childhood friends or your neighbours from years past, but there’s a difference between being updated and being intimate. Instead of spending time making real-world connections, people spend their time on social media, and that leads to them feeling less connected overall.”

Of course, it isn’t just our social lives that have been dominated by technology. Many aspects of our daily routine have fallen foul to the machine.

Even exercise has been given an easy route thanks to the Ozzy. Now we can even play tennis without leaving home (15-love to technology). Video games are another example. Think back to those occasions when we played board games with family and friends, and dare I say it, even visited outside once in a while.

But now video games rule, where we often spend time interacting with people whom we never see (except, of course, if we add them as a “friend” on Facebook, in which case, we at least get to see their face).


Does our social life in Edinburgh now consist of taking a selfie on the way home and posting it online so your other Edinburgh friends can comment on it?

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