Edinburgh Social Events

Edinburgh Social Events

Social Networks and Societies are a big part of university life no matter which university you attend! As well as studying hard for your degree, having a social life is a very important part of university life and over my four years of being a student, I would definitely recommend getting involved in at least one!

Join societies to make friends, take part a particular activity, develop skills and have fun. Social Groups typically meet weekly and organise a variety of activities for theirs. Most societies at the University of Edinburgh are very flexible with their socials, but one main rule which applies to every society social (as far as I’m aware) is the theme!

Every Friday night, it’s almost guaranteed that every society will be doing something…whether that’s going out in fancy dress or a chilled social in watching films or a house party, most societies have activities. I used to be part of Amnesty International Society and I tried and attend as many socials as possible!

Edinburgh Photographic Society

Photosoc is the photographic society of the University of Edinburgh. We are currently both the oldest and the largest university photographic society in the UK with an annual membership nearing 400. Photosoc welcomes students and non-students, digital and film lovers, complete beginners and keen amateurs.
Activities at Photosoc we try our best to cater for members of all skill levels. Our Wednesday night meetings range from beginner tutorials to more advanced workshops on topics such as lighting and Photoshop.

Friday Night Social

Recommended Friday nights in Edinburgh. Work is over for another week so it’s time to paint the town red! Whether you want a big night out in Edinburgh and fancy trying a super club or something a bit smaller, our list below gives you some tips on the best places to go and make your night rattle and shake! Discover the best bars and clubs in Edinburgh for a Friday night.

After Show

As a Musical Theatre Society, there were lots of shows and after-show parties we organised. Two of the biggest, messiest nights that Loco experiences during the academic year, the Panto after-show party and the Musical after-show party. They’re both really good nights which start with awards for everyone’s efforts throughout the rehearsal process and end with ceilidh dancing the night away!

Every international event I went to was great fun and with lots of lovely people. Just one of the reasons to come to Edinburgh!

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