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Edinburgh: The International City

Discover why Edinburgh is regularly voted as one of the most desirable places to live in the world. Despite its compact size, the city of Edinburgh has something for everyone. All year round, Edinburgh is a cultural hub, attracting the best in film, music, art and entertainment to its many cinemas, galleries, theatres and concert halls. Scotland’s capital is host of best clubs in Edinburgh f... »

Free Advertising for Voluntary Jobs

Are you a society, community group, charity or non-profit organisation? You can register your volunteering opportunities with us for free. Before advertising your roles, it’s good to really think about why you’re involving volunteers, what you want to achieve and how you will do that in a way that benefits your organisation, your staff and volunteers. See our page on Why involve volunteers and our... »

Start a new group with International Society

Can’t find an group in international groups that fits your specific interests? All you need to create your own is a unique idea, and 20 like-minded people! The International Society supports it’s groups by prioritising their room bookings (exclusive access to specific rooms), and continuing support in the planning of events and assisting you in developing your groups or society. Before... »

Benefits of Joining Edinburgh International Society

Being a member of the international society allows you to meet lots of new friends, keep busy, and learn something new. Like most things in life, even if you join, unless your active, participate and you take advantages of the resources in front of you – that benefits mean very little. That said, if you choose to take full advantage of what our community has to offer then you can open up a world o... »

How to become a member of International Society?

Joining Edinburgh International Society is a fantastic way to develop deeper into the Scotland experience. You can join international society by registering our website. Remember – you will become an member straight away, so you will be able to tap into our benefits and services without delay. If you are on meetup, you can join through our international meetup group. Celebrating cultural diversity... »

Christmas in Edinburgh

It’s that time of year again – Edinburgh’s Christmas returns for 2018/19 season from the 17th November 2018 until the 6th January 2019, bringing with it iconic markets, delicious street food, fun activities and unmissable events that make Edinburgh the only place to be this festive season. Find out what’s happening on our Christmas Dinner in Edinburgh >  »

International Festivals in Edinburgh city

Jazz, Science, Books, Film, Comedy, Storytelling, Art … You name it; we’ve got a festival for it. Edinburgh is home to the most varied and dynamic calendar of international events and festivals in the world. There are 12 major annual festivals, each bringing talent from around the globe to our streets and stages, making the celebration of diversity an intrinsic part of the city’s cultu... »

Freshers Week 2019 parties and events

Freshers Week 2019 parties and events

It’s your first week at University, your dear old parents have dropped you off and you’re giddy about your first week galavanting about Edinburgh City, but you need to know where to spend that week of partying. From superclubs to quirky pubs, the city has a whole host of great Freshers Week events and student nights in Edinburgh that will give you all the more reason to stick around fo... »

Freshers’ Week Survival Guide 2019

Starting university this autumn? Our tips and advice will help get you through Freshers’ Week, whether you’re excited, nervous, or both! Don’t forget to also check out these handy student apps to make your new life as a student a little easier. Moving in and meeting new people   It’s likely you’ll be pretty busy during your first week, so get there a few days early so you ha... »

Freshers’ Week Guide 2019

Freshers’ Week Guide 2019

You’ve probably heard all the rumours about Freshers Week being one whole week of drinking, debauchery and staying up way past your bedtime…well that is mostly true. Fresher’s week is a chance to bond with a new friend and to get introduced to the best student nights in Edinburgh, and there are a plethora to get started with. You’ll be frequenting these Edinburgh student cl... »