Benefits of Joining Edinburgh International Society

Benefits of Joining Edinburgh International Society

Being a member of the international society allows you to meet lots of new friends, keep busy, and learn something new. Like most things in life, even if you join, unless your active, participate and you take advantages of the resources in front of you – that benefits mean very little. That said, if you choose to take full advantage of what our community has to offer then you can open up a world of possibilities.

There are many reasons for joining Edinburgh International Society, here are just some of the benefits of joining a society that you can enjoy

What does membership of Edinburgh International Society offer?

  • Participation in a wide range of social activities across Scotland
  • Opportunity to meet new friends and widen social networks
  • Monthly clubbing nights
  • Entrance to international society’s major events at special rate for members
  • A monthly programme of society groups events e-mailed to you
  • Access to the members’ only section of the international society website
International Society celebrating multicultural diversity and international friendship in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh International Society is a community of students and young professionals dedicated to the cultivation of their personal and professional growth through social gatherings, networking events, professional development opportunities, community involvement, share ideas, experiences, meet and spread knowledge, we organise festivals, parties, after work drinks and networking in Edinburgh.

You’ll not only get the chance to meet new people but also be able to experience every type of activity that involves socialising; Social Drinks, Language Exchanges, Cultural Clubs, Parties, Picnics, Walks, Day Trips, Clubbing Nights, Dining Out, very friendly atmosphere, more intimate venues.


How to become an Edinburgh international society organiser?

If you’re interested in becoming an International society organiser, fill out the international society volunteer application form. The organiser must be able to respect religious and cultural differences, stay in contact with members at least once per month, events and activities, and adhere to the Code of Ethics.

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