10 Reasons You Should Join International Society

10 Reasons You Should Join International Society

From Friday Night Social to Creative Weekends, the Edinburgh International Society has a group for everyone. And if we don’t, well… we can help you create one!

Joining a group or society is one of the first things you hear about when you arrive at university. With friends talking about what taster they are going to do or socials they are planning to attend, choosing a group can be a daunting task! So, the International Events Team are here to help with 10 reasons you should choose at least one group to join, even if you’re not sure.

1. Meet new people and make friends for life

Meet new people and make friends

Clubs and Societies have a lot of members which means you’re bound to hit it off with at least a couple people in the group, especially if you have like-minded interests. Once you’ve spent a few weeks doing your activities and enjoying the company, the days turn to weeks, two months and eventually your university years are almost over and you realise these friends from your group are the best you’ve ever had!

2. Have some fun

Have some fun

Each group is based on people with like-minded interests and passions coming together. After a long stint of lectures or focusing on coursework, joining in group activities can help bring balance to your studies. Join a group that interests you and you may find that all the Edinburgh events, socials, weekly meets and activities will be engaging, fun and something you love. Better yet, these activities are delivered by your fellow students, so they know what you want to and how to help you enjoy your university experience.

3. Be More! Gain skills and get employable

Gain skills and get employable

YOU’RE HIRED! Not a lot of people realise, but simply joining and being a part of a club or society shows you have team skills. Taking part in events, joining specific groups that volunteer, fundraise or deliver a service to others provides real opportunities to build your CV. If you really like the group, you can stick out from the crowd by becoming a volunteer committee member, gain a whole range of skills and get training from the Students’ Union.

4. Short on funds? Not to worry, FREE Groups!

Free groups to Join

It doesn’t matter if you’re strapped for cash or have spent all of your golden student loans already. We have plenty of free societies so you have no excuse to not have the best experience ever. Joining a group is fast, easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Sign up here!

5. Don’t have the time because of studies? You’re more likely to do well when you’re part of a group!

when you’re part of a society

No need to try and get yourself a time turner to fit it all in. It’s actually proven that over 75% of students who took part in student activities completed their degree with good honour. Meaning, being part of a club or society can actually improve how smart you are.

6. Learn how to celebrate like a boss

Celebrate like a boss

We have a Wednesday Night Social for fixtures, events, a long week… whatever your reasons, the best night out of the week. You can party with your friends and other groups whilst learn what a fun time with friends looks like outside of your activities. You can gain ultimate sewing and creative skills each week as groups choose different fancy dress themes.

7. Refocus. Be Active. Feel Better.

Refocus. Be Active. Feel Better.

Being part of a group means you’re more likely to get up and get active following those big nights of studying, working or partying. Whether that’s getting your body active sweating out last night’s beverages with a sports club, getting your brain active with some of our societies, or even just getting up to attend a gaming social on a Thursday night – you will be able relax, refocus and feel better, meaning you can study just as hard as you procrastinate.

8. Wear Union stash around campus and feel like a king

Wear Union stash around campus and feel like a king

Want to organise some event for your group? Contact hello @edinburgh.international

9. You will always have others looking out for you

Looking after

Whether you are walking home post-celebrations or after a weekly meet in the evening, there will always be another member around for you to head home with and keep you safe

10. Carry on listening to your inner child and having fun!

Carry on and have fun

Studying at university doesn’t have to be all about hard work. Take the opportunity try something new, try something you may have told yourself you can’t do or are too sensible for…  Put simply, join a group and you will have the best time of your life.

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